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Lisa A Burfitt CthA MBSR IAIM

Lisa A Burfitt MBSR CthA is a professionally qualified, experienced and caring complementary therapist.

She has successfully treated patients with a wide variety of health conditions. Many patients return again and again to experience the wonderful benefits of these therapies.

Lisa attends Advanced Reflexology courses and keeps up-to-date with the latest medical information in order to provide the best service possible.

"I have conducted hundreds of treatment sessions and can honestly say that every single patient has derived benefit from them. I provide a professional but friendly treatment and tailor-make each one to their needs."
Lisa A Burfitt

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Lisa A Burfitt CthA MBSR IAIM
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This unique form of foot massage can help to balance mind, body and spirit

Flower Therapy Healing

Experience powerful healing using the beautiful energies of flowers and their associated angels and fairies

Angelic Reiki

Feel the amazing power of angelic energy that helps to rebalance mind, body and spirit

Indian Head Massage

An ancient form of massage applied to the top trunk of the back of the body to help relieve stress and tension x

Pendragon Reiki

Feel the amazing power of pendragon energy as it clears, cleanses and rebalances your energy

Quantum Metaphysics Healing

Receive powerful healing effects as energy is disentangled and purified

EFT/Tapping Modalities

Discover the amazing power of tapping as it helps to clear phobias, reduce limiting beliefs and increase energy.

Remote/Distance Healing

Discover the amazing power of healing in the comfort of your own home in a very safe way as distance healing needs no contact

Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing

Using the amazing power of specially chosen crystals to help to balance out the energy centres or chakras of the body.

Elemental Space Clearing

Positively change the energy of your home or work space using the Denise Linn © system of Elemental Space Clearing.

I love helping my clients with my therapies and it seems they love them too x

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